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#157 TEKNO – JAGUAR „E“ TYPE (Ref. 926) (1961)

Tekno is a toy maker from Denmark. Its founder was Andreas Siegumfeldt, a plumber from Copenhagen, who started producing construction games in 1928 and model cars in 1945, being one of the most renowned die-cast makers in Europe and a direct competitor of Dinky, Schucco or Gama.

Andreas Siegumfeldt
In 1953, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. By this time, the company was already producing many different cars, but also trucks and other vehicles. In their catalogue there was also miniature kitchenware and wooden toys, produced in associating with the Swedish company Brio. With occasion of this anniversary, a small brochure was printed with much information about the company, including pictures of Teknos factories, design studios, toy fairs and so on. It is very interesting. Take a look at it here (specially if you understand Danish). 

The Jaguar model I am presenting is an amazing cast, and it was available in white, cream, light blue, red and met. dark grey decorations, and there was also a hardtop version of the car. Tekno is known for the great number of variations in colours and decorations. It was also one of the first companies to produce promotional die-cast models by decorating its models with stickers including the most different types of products, for example, Amstel beer or the Politiken Newspaper.

As it often happens with local toy manufacturers, Tekno offered some unique, never done before models, and this included some Saab and Volvo cars. It seems that Tekno inspired some of its models in already existing Corgi or Dinky toys. It is also known that Joal and Auto Pilen reproduced Tekno models. Dalia-Solido bought in the 60s some Tekno original tooling, so some models were also reproduced by this Spanish brand.

Tekno still exists nowadays. In 1972, the company was sold to a dutch firm named Vanmin, BV. And Tekno Toy continued as a firm in the Netherlands. Later the “Toy” was removed from the name, since the models Tekno builds now are expensive and high quality reproductions of trucks, not intended for children.


Going back to the car, note that doors, bonnet and trunk of the car are practicable, and the front wheels can be oriented in one or the other direction. It also comes with windows and windshield, spare tyre, detailed motor… all great details. It is also very important to make attention at the windows and bonnet, which are extremely fragile, and is mostly missing or broken. I own this same model made by Joal, but unfortunately in a very bad shape. The model, however can be seen in a catalogue in this entry.

I bought this model boxed a few months ago, but the box belongs to another model, a Mercedes with almost the same reference number. I leave the images here, and I’ll wait until I find the model that fits the box to make another review.
  • Name: JAGUAR „E“ TYPE (Ref. 926)
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Year: 1961 (discontinued 1972)
  • Company: Tekno (Denmark)
  • Size: 10 cms

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