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Monday, October 22, 2012

#207 POLISTIL – FIAT 131 and RENAULT 6L (RJ13 and RJ24) (Around 1978)

I revised all Polistil/Politoys entries until today, and all of them deal with Formula 1s except one, in which I presented some old 1:43 models. Polistil also made ordinary cars, like those you could see everyday in front of your house. The main interest of these cars lies in some models that were made exclusively (or almost) by this company. Polistil, Italian company, took special interest for Italian (also European) cars, for example these two.

The Fiat 131, as far as I am concerned, was only made by this company. In Spain, Mira and Guisval released models, but that was a Seat 131 (small difference J). You may argue that Matchbox, YatMing, MCToy, HotWheels!… made the “Abarth Rally” version and Tomica made the “Abarth street” version, but these are other models in my opinion.

I keep very good memories of a Seat 131 that my grandfather had in the 80s, I will talk more about this model sometime, with Guisval or Mira miniatures.

The Renault 6L was to my knowledge only made by Guisval, being this model very hard to find… (one of the primitive Guisvals, similar to the Lamborghini here). The Polistil model is not so hard to find, but relatively expensive. I found mine in a flea market, but take a look at it on ebay…

These cars were sold in cardboard boxes, and they were available in different colours each. A quick check in “Google images”, reveals that the Renault 6L was available at least in pink, green, grey, blue and gold, while the Fiat 131 was available in brown, light green, burgundy red, green and gold.

The cars were released around 1977 or 1978, and discontinued a few years earlier. If somebody can provide me a reliable source of information about Polistil releases (website, catalogue scans…) I’d be very grateful.

As a nice detail, note that the names of the cards on the chassis are written with the original typography (or logo) of the car brand.

This entry is very likely to be updated with more 1:64 scale Polistil models.


I got a second unit of the Renault 6L, a great miniature model in vey good shape. I leave some pictures here:

  • Name: FIAT 131 and RENAULT 6L (RJ13 and RJ24)
  • Scale: approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1978
  • Company: Polistil (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm


  1. The R6 was my mother's first car, a sky blue one. What a souvenir. Except the colour scheme, I totally refind this vehicule with this Polistil one.
    It was'nt a very good car, the floor was repaired with asphalt, but I felt like a californian surfer when my father put his windsurf on the roof ...

    Thanks to remind me these lovely times.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Cool. A neighbour also had the R6, so I know the car. It was not so popular because most people had the R4 or, later, the R5, but still popular. Those days there were not so many different cars like there are today...

      And I think that is why this model is so expensive to buy, because many people want to have because they once owned a real R6, and no other brand made it (in this scale at least) except Polistil and Guisval.

      Polistil (sky blue, with box):

      Guisval (in sky blue):

      The windsurf on the roof is also extremely cool, there are a Majorette R4 with the board on top, and also some Siku...

      Je veux t'écrire à propos du Krulos doré, nous pourrions parfois échanger à nouveau quelques jouets apres Noël...

  2. Fiat 131 was made by norev mini jet serie as well...

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comment and for the information. This is a model I do not have yet, I'll try to get one ASAP.


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