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Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is an unusual entry in this blog because I am presenting a die-cast model that is “only” 19 years old. I will sometime explain why I do not collect modern toys.

Majorette “Super S” or “SuperS” (also “series 230”, don’t ask me why) was a series of 1:64 scale cars released in 1995. They are particularly interesting because they could be steered by pressing down on either front corner, as if it was a skateboard. 
When they came out, I had never seen this steering method yet, and I found it quite fascinating, so I bought one car, although I was already too old to play with it. The car was the first reference 201/202 of this series: the Fiat Coupé (well, actually the second -202- see catalogue image below). I have kept it ever since in its original blister pack. In other countries or releases, the cars were also available in the typical Majorette plastic case. Some “sets” included a few orange traffic cones to play with.

Note the difference between the blister packs from 1995 (1st pic) and these (1997). Note also the set car + traffic cones
The series was for some reason quite short, consisting, to my knowledge, of only 11 models. Note that the references are double. The first time these models were released there were two versions/decorations of each model, but in the following years the same reference were re-released in new colours and with different tampographies, including several “promotional” decorations.

These two scans are taken from 1995 catalogue, when the series was released. Note that some of the models are drawings and not the actual toy. As a matter of fact, it could be that none of the models in the pictures are "Super S", because the pictures are from cars like the Renault Clio or the Ferrari GTO that were already available in the normal "200" series. The bodies of those cars are exactly the same (even same colour) than the Super S releases, the difference is on the chassis and wheels.

The references are:
  • 201/202 Fiat Coupé
  • 203/204 Mustang GT Convertible
  • 205/206 Mustang GT Hard Top
  • 207/208 Renault Clio
  • 209/210 Ferrari 456 GT
  • 211/212 Ford Mondeo
  • 213/214 Roadster
  • 215/216 Ferrari GTO
  • 217/218 Stock Car
  • 219/220 Porsche Boxter
  • 221 Mondeo Police (1998)
  • 222 Peugeot 406 (1997)
  • 223 Peugeot 406 Racing (1998)
  • 224 VW Golf IV (1999)
  • 225 Dodge Concept Car (1999)
  • 226 BMW Z3 Coupé (1999)

The referentes are sometimes referred with an S at the end, to indicate “Super S”, for example: 201.S. From 2000 on, the numbering system is changed, so it’s difficult for me to say if the Super S were still released that year…

An interesting point is that in the bases of the cars the words “Patent Pending” appear. This means that the patent had been requested, but not yet granted at the time in which the toy was manufactured.

Although in the card it is specified that the toy is “made in France”, it was actually made in Thailand, because Majorette relocated their factories in that country in 1992. In the base of the car there is no reference to this fact.

Card Back incl. instructions
Majorette Super S 201/202 Fiat Coupé

The following model is a new cast from which the roof of the car iss made of plastic. There were two "roofs" available, and thus two diferent models depending on which part was attached to the die-cast  body: Convertible or Hardtop. This one is the hardtop version. The number is 205/206 no matter what's indicated in the base. All bases are marked with the convertible reference 203/204.
Majorette Super S 205/206 Ford Mustang Hardtop

One of the most popular models Majorette chose for the Super S series was the Renault Clio from the early 90s. In blue the early release from 1995, in light yellow a later version (probably released around 2000)

Majorette Super S 207/208 Renault Clio

This Ford Mondeo was made of a new cast. Note that this might be a later reedition, since the Super S logo and the Made in France have been erased from the base.

Majorette Super S 211/212 Ford Mondeo

One of the most impressive model, is the new cast Roadster. This model is quite broad.

Majorette Super S 213/214 Roadster

In the following pictures is shown the Ferrari GTO (215/216). This model was modified from a previous "series 200" version, as said above.

Majorette Super S 215/216 Ferrari GTO

Opening bonnet as in the original "series 200" model

The next car is the Porsche Boxter. I would say the yellow one is original from the mid 90s, the other one is a reedition, because those wheels seem pretty much modern to me.

Majorette Super S 219/220 Porsche Boxter

This last model was released in 1997, and has only one reference number instead of the usual two, I don't know to which version the other reference number in the base (218) belongs. Maybe to a "normal" (not Super S) version?

Majorette Super S 222S Peugeot 406

UPDATE1 (Dec/2018): a different shade of blue for the Peugeot 406.

  • Name: FIAT COUPÉ (Nr 202.S or 201/202), MUSTANG GT HARD TOP (205/206), RENAULT CLIO (207/208), FORD MONDEO (211/212), ROADSTER (213/214), FERRARI GTO (Nr. 215.S or 215/216), PORSCHE BOXTER (219/220), PEUGEOT 406 (222)
  • Scale: 1:58, 1:59
  • Year: All 1995, except PEUGEOT 406, 1997.
  • Company: Majorette (France)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm


  1. No conocía esto... muy curioso!! Majorette siempre nos encantó en casa, pero por las fechas que comentas ya estábamos a otras cosas (queriendo ser ya "mayores" XD) y ni recuerdo haberlos visto en jugueterías.
    Muy muy interesante el sistema de dirección incluido en aquellas fechas en un coche de estas escalas... y tenía que ser Majorette, por supuesto.

    Gracias por la información!!!!!!

  2. Hola,
    Efectivamente ya estabamos a otras cosas, pero cuando lo vi (de casualidad) en Hipercor me pareció tan curioso que compré uno, que como ves nunca llegué a utilizar. Creo que tengo alguno más de la lista comprado después en mercadillos, aunque si lo tengo, nunca he llegado a jugar con él a esquivar conos. Creo que debe ser muy divertido.

  3. I love the old Majorette cars with the metal bottom and with working doors (sometimes even the trunk or hood) and with THE BEST suspension ever!

    I am a bit disappointed with Majorette these days. They do not make the toy cars they used to when I was a kid. And are more expensive than say Hot Wheels or Matchbox but do not offer the quality of Siku.

    I wrote an article about various die cast cars called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars and there I have an image of my old Majorette blue Corvette which was made in France. The amount of play that car has "endured" IS AMAZING! :D

    I got my kid one majorette toy car (you can see the image of it, it is the hummer) and was completely disappointed. I had to mend it together with small metal screws.

    1. Hi again!
      Many thanks for leaving this new comment. I am not familiar with modern Majorettes, I haven't bought any since 1995 or so.


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