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#230 EFSI – T-FORD 1919 (Around 1971)

Apparently, these models are based in one of the most reused casts ever in the history of die-cast models. Best Box already had this cast and produced several T models. After the rename of the company as Efsi, this model kept being produced and sold.
Note that all three models are almost identical, the only differences are in the colours of the body and plastic parts, and, most notably, in the rear section of the car. There are around 15 different “types” of Ford T, these are just three examples.

The most common model, however, is not among these three, and is the “ambulance” model, presenting a big box behind the cockpit. Painted in different colours, this model has been used as a promotional article with different decals on it. If not painted white it doesn’t look like an ambulance, but as a delivery van. The Tanker was also used for promotional purposes, for example with "Shell" decals.

Among the great details that you have to check in the pictures are the spoke wheels in orange simulating the colour of wood, the beautiful front in metal with the Ford logo on it, and of course the small plastic interior with seat and steering wheel. None of these model had windshields, and if you observe the picture of the cars from below, you’ll see that most parts are hollow in order to minimize manufacturing costs.

The wheels have one great drawback: they are made of plastic and, therefore, they’re not very tough. In many models these are bent, half-broken or directly missing.

This was for the company a very profitable model, and it was produced from the Best Box times to the very last years of Efsi, that’s (approximately) between 1966 and 1971 as Best Box and between 1971 and 1988 as Efsi Holland.


Numbering and additional information for this article was taken from “tales of toy cars” by Doug Breithaupt. In the following link you’ll find more pictures of Efsi’s Ford T: http://www.breithaupts.com/totc348.htm

The story behind the Ford T is well known: it was the first model mass produced in the history of automobile, and also the best-selling car until 1972, with more than 4 million units sold. 

Pilen also made these toys, probably after buying a license from Efsi to produce them. You can see an image taken from a promotional catalogue from 1980. Apparently Pilen also produce the trucks and trailer from the dutch company that same year. The following pictures are taken from pilen.jimdo.com:

EDIT: These are two more cars recently added to my collection:

UPDATE: Ambulance

  • Name: 1919 T-FORD MODEL PICKUP, TANKER and BREAKDOWN (Nrs. EF-101.0, EF-102.0 and EF-103.0)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1971 (see article)
  • Company: Efsi (Netherlands)

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