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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#223 GUISVAL – LANCIA BETA, FERRARI BB 512 & TESTAROSSA (1:43) (1985 and 1988)

By 1984, Guisval still had a series of car in 1:36 scale. In the early 80s, it was named “Escorpión” but at some point, this collection was renamed to “Fuego”. For some reason (maybe the appearance of the Italian 1:43 models by Bburago), Guisval launched in 1984 a brand new series between “Fuego” (1:36) and “Campeón” (1:64). The new series was named “Furia” and these toys were clearly more simplistic than “Escorpión” or “Fuego”, for some reasons: 1) because of the size, 2) because of the lack of practicable parts and 3) because of a cheaper suspension on wheels.

Nevertheless, these models were still popular and nice to play with. The reason for its popularity was in my opinion, that the models reproduced for this collection were sport cars with amazing rally decorations.

1984's catalogue Image: / Credit: Raffotek

For the first “Furia” wave the available models were:
-Porsche 935
-Lancia Beta
-Toyota Celica
-Ferrari BB512

Each model was available in several colours (at least 3) and there were three different decals for each model, that means, the decals from the Ferrari (for example, these in my model are “GULF” decals), would only fit in the Ferrari.

It is also interesting to mention, that the same cars were available with and without a pull-back motor. The series with motor were named “Formula Retro” and available from 1985. If you pay attention to the chassis of the BB 512, you’ll notice that it has been modified to carry that type of motor, and the rear wheels have two parts to improve the grip.

Taken from 1987's Catalogue
In the following years, the collection would be expanded with new casts, and this time, all cars had practicable doors.

1986 (maybe 1985)
-Mercedes 500 SEC
-BMW 323i
-Ford Sierra
-Seat Ronda
-Renault Espace (not exactly 1:43)
-Nissan Patrol (not exactly 1:43)

The 1986 series was also available in alternative series. The four first were available as “Furia Rallye”, with the only difference of having decals. These were interchangeable from model to model. The last two were also released as “Furia Servicios Públicos” (3 versions each).

Other Guisval models in 1:43 scale include the Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40, although they might be later releases (maybe 1988?). It is important to mention that these cars were available during many consecutive years, so there might be versions with different types of wheels, decals or tampographies, colours, packages and so on.

Around 1990, there was another “Furia” sub-serie released: the “Super Furia”, which comprised the same cars from 1986 with a trailer and a second vehicle on it (a boat, a formula 1, two motorbikes, a Testarossa).

If somebody reading this has the official Guisval catalogues from the mid 80s to early 90s and can confirm the exact years of release of each model, please write me a message. Thanks.

UPDATE: I add some pictures of two more models I own: Lancia Beta "Rothmans" and Ferrari BB512 "Shell"

UPDATE 1 (May/2017) Added Porche 935

  • Scale: 1:43
  • Year: 1985, 1988
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)


  1. Hola, excelente blog! Te hago una consulta porque tengo un Porsche 935 muy parecido al tuyo (escala 1/36 aproximadamente), pero no tiene especificación alguna (marca, procedencia,etc) ¿tienes idea su marca y alguna otra cosa más? Saludos desde Mendoza, Argentina

    1. Hola, ¡gracias por leerme! Si me muestras una foto del coche quizá pueda identificarlo, pero con la información que me das es muy difícil. ¿No tiene ninguna inscripción, logo, número, pegatinas...?


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