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Saturday, February 23, 2013


To finish the first batch of Tiger Force figures, I will show Outback and Psyche-Out today. These two are "European Exclusive" figures; as we mentioned in the last entry, but we didn't specified what does this exactly mean: The "euro excl." figures were only available in: Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, with only one curious exception: Duke and Lifeline were not available in Germany, Sweden, Denmark or Finland. For some reason, these figures do not appear in catalogues and promotional leaflets. As a proof, I include the following two pictures:

German promotional leaflet

German catalogue included in vehicles (blueprints on the back)

It is very interesting to see that the figures Outback and Psyche-Out in the previous images are actually prototypes. If you know the figures, you'll probably notice that Outback’s T-shirt is slightly different from the released one: the mouth of the tiger is orange, while in produced figures, the mouth is black. The difference in Psyche-Out is more difficult to see: the harness in his chest has black background instead of grey. These same prototypes also appear in the catalogues for the rest of European countries, see for example, next picture.

Also interesting is that in the last picture, all figures are mirrored, while in the German edition they’re not.

A further difference about these two catalogue images is even more obvious: German catalogue depicts the figures WITHOUT weapons. The reason for this is that laws in Germany are very restrictive with violent games and toys, and it is forbidden to display weapons of any kind in toy packages. As a result of this, a lot of blister artwork had to be redone only for Germany (plus Sweden, Finland and Denmark, although I don’t know if in these countries weapons are allowed in toy packages).

And finally let's go to the figures:

Outback (v2)

The survivalist and jungle specialist is one of the most beloved figures in the whole collection. It was originally released in 1987, and it was the figure I always wanted to have, but for some reason, I never got. When the new 1988 wave came, the figure was available in this other decoration and I got it a a birthday present from my aunt. Now I am even gladder than then, because if I had to buy it now, I would need a lot of money for that. The two versions have similar camo trousers, but the t-shirt changes its color from one to the other.

The figure came with a brown backpack, a brown belt, a green torch that could be attached to his leg and a black rifle with strap. The torch in the picture above is not the original, but the one from Outback v1. In this version, the lamp of the torch should be painted white. The strap of the rifle (Hekler & Koch) is also broken, what is very common in this particular accesory.

Tiger Force Outback - Spanish Filecard (Jungla)
Psyche-Out (v2)

The expert in deceptive warfare was another figure from 1987 re-released one year later in a quite different outfit. While the original had a bright green jacket, the new one came in orange, giving a complete different aspect to the character. This figure is also an Euro exclusive figure, but it is not so popular as Outback, and that´s why its price is not so high today.

The figure came with a grey antenna attached to his head, a black pistol, two antennas (2 pieces each red/grey) that would fit his wrists, and a grey communications device with a red antenna (2 pieces)

Tiger Force Psyche-Out - Spanish Filecard (Psico)
The filecards of some european figures are available with yellow or grey background. The figures in the first batch (that's all I have shown until this point, released in 1988) were originally available in yellow. The following year, the four new TF figures plus Outback and Psyche-Out (re-releases) came with grey filecards. The filecard above is Psyche-Out, 2nd edition (1989).

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  • Alternate Names: JUNGLA and PSICO (Spain)
  • Toy Line: G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 11 cms or 3,75’’

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