Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Similar to the die-cast planes we saw two days ago, and considering that these are commonly mistaken, I present today my small collection of die-cast, micro machines knock-off planes.

They’re almost identical to the planes that were sold in Panini bags, but these are marked China plus a number (instead of the name of the plane) The number ranges from 101 to (at least) 140, so we have again 40 different models. In this article I am showing 20 different.

I suspect, both Panini planes and these ones are actually made by the same company. The wheels are identical, and some of the models I own are the same casts shown in the back cover of the album. The only difference are the colours and that in this collection there seems to be no older planes, like the Zero or the P-51D.

But, which collection was first? Panini’s or those? We will probably never know. If my theory is right, most probably Panini hired this company to produce some models for their sticker bags.

Numbers in this picture are mistaken... I'll correct it asap.

UPDATE: I found on eBay two collections of war planes made by an unknown toymaker from China. I suspect some of the planes might be identical to these planes or the ones shown in the previous entry. These two sets are however much more modern (2000s). They also include an "Airbase Layout", just like the previous collection of micro planes.

UPDATE: I have new models...

UPDATE (Feb/2017):

I justfound out these planes are also from a stickers collection by Panini. Unlike the collection from the previous entry, this time the stickers dealt only with military planes, and it was called Militär Flugzeuge, or also Wings of Fire. It was published in 2000 and republished again later. I got confirmation by a guy who knows a lot about stickers in general and Panini in particular and I cecked it on the internet. The guy sold me one piece with the original paper that has a listing of all available models. Note that the 40 models are different.

  • Scale: 1:150 aprox.
  • Year: 2000
  • Company: Panini (Italy) / Unknown Toymaker (China)
  • Size: approx. 3 cm

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