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Wednesday, October 23, 2013




Since my previous entry (#218) dealing with Mighty Max is so successful, I’ll present a second toy I own from this collection.

This type of playset is the smallest available within the whole Mighty Max toyline. They are basically a head with practicable jaws (they keep shut by means of a spring). Inside the mouth, there is place for a Mighty Max figure (it can be more or less fixed if placed correctly on the footprints), but nothing else: no enemies, no accessories, nothing.

Two more features of this head are the colourful hair (which was a trend those years, mostly because of those troll dolls), and a hook on the back side, that allowed the playset to be attached to any trousers, making it portable in a very comfortable way.

There were 8 of them made. In Europe they were available as individual sets: the smallest and cheapest in the whole range. In America they were offered as a gift with larger playsets. These playsets were:
  • Hemlock
  • Karbon
  • Anthrax 9
  • Razorback (a.k.a. Razor)
  • Garrotid
  • Skull Crusher (a.k.a. Crusher)
  • Eruptus (a.k.a. Ruptus)
  • Berserker (a.k.a. Serker)
As a personal note, I would say these playset have a very bad playability. There’s no enemies, and when combined with Doom Zones or larger playsets, then, you’ll find yourself with two Mighty Max figures. The concepts with the hook and the hair are nice, but it could have also applied to the Horror Heads.

In this website you can see some original artwork of the Dread Heads, and how do they attach to trousers.

  • Name: Karbon (Dread Head or Hairy Head)
  • Toy Line: Mighty Max (wave 3)
  • Year: 1994
  • Company: Bluebird (Great Britain)
  • Size of the playset: Around 3,5 cm long
  • Size of the figures (Mighty Max): 1 cm

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