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The production of composite figures after World War II was oriented to armies and soldiers, although these were pretty different from those manufactured before WWII. Before, the armies were mostly German soldiers (from the IIIrd Reich) and after, the image of the nazi regime had to be somehow hidden. The new figures represented the neutral Swiss forces or the US Army.

A few years later, also came in production soldiers from Germany and Austria, as these countries were allowed to form military forces again.

 Medieval spearmen

In 1955, Hausser decides to broad their product lines, producing now figures form ancient times, like Romans, Huns, Vikings, Normans, Turk from the 17th century and Landsknechte (german mercenary soldiers from the 16th century). Elastolin also produced some figures from the comic strip “Prince Valiant”. I think there were 4 different figures made, but I don’t know the names of the characters.

 Prince Valiant

Also Medieval Knights, Cowboys and Indians, and more German soldiers from the present times. Hausser also had a license to manufacture the characters from Karl May’s novels, and his most famous characters Winnetou and Old Surehand.

Not to forget are the great scale accessories like horses, catapults, artillery, fences, Indian totems, plants and trees…

 Maceman and 3 different Swordmen

The two most common sizes are 4 and 7 cms. The figures shown in this entry and the previous one are 4 centimeter high, and were presumably manufactured between 1955 and 1969, So I will date them around 1960.

Again, I'll put some pictures from a Lego diorama I prepared some time ago. Hope you like them:




  • Name: Various Medieval knights
  • Year: Around 1960
  • Company: Elastolín (a.k.a. Hausser) (Germany)
  • Size of the figures: 4 cm

I found this figures in some kind of "private" flea market, and they were sold inside of a "Nivea Creme" can, I include pictures of this can (which is in perfect shape), as well as pictures of other things I found on it, although they're not toys.

This is a bracelet, seems to be as old as the figures

And finally, this nice signal made of cardboard: "Hier droht Gefahr! Beseitige Sie!" (something like: "Danger menaces here! Go away from here", freely translated).

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