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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#355 MAJORETTE COLOUR PACKS – CHEVROLET CORVETTE (Nr. 215/268) and F1 RACING (Nr. 238) (1989)

Majorette Catalogue 1990
These two Majorette cars are quite common ones, you’ve probably seen them many times, but surely not in these versions. They belong to a short and rare series from 1989 called the “Colour Packs”, with reference numbers 2250. In the catalogue from that year only 6 models appear, in 1990’s catalogue 6 more models (from which 5 were already available the previous year, and 1 is new). In 1991 catalogue and on, the series disappeared completely.

Majorette Catalogue 1989
The first 6 models (1989) were:
-F1 Racing

In 1990,
-Porsche was replaced by Golf GTI

As you can figure out from the catalogues and the name of the series, these cars had the feature to change its colour when put in cold water. This feature is common to many vehicles back then, and had one terrible consequence. Most cars of this type, when played, got very dirty, and nowadays are difficult to find in good shape. In this case, I have had luck mine. They are not mint, but in good condition, with a few chips.

The colour change feature doesn’t work anymore, since this kind of colour after some years lose its properties.

I’m glad I found them, I’ll keep looking to find the other 5.

  • Name: CHEVROLET CORVETTE (Nr. 215/268) and F1 RACING (Nr. 238)
  • Scale: 1:57 AND 1:55
  • Year: 1989
  • Company: Majorette (France)
  • Size: 7 cms

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