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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#357 GUISVAL – PORSCHE “TURBO” (Nr. 22) (1976 and 1980)

The Porsche Turbo is one of the two Porsche models made by Guisval out of the same cast. One of them (“Turbo”, Nr. 22) is the one you can see here, the second one (“Dragon”, Nr. 26) is exactly the same, but has a simulated motor placed over the rear windshield. Unfortunately, I do not own any of the existing models from this second version, so I cannot show it right now. Maybe I can update this entry in the future with more pictures.

Both models first appeared in the catalogue from 1975, although they seem to have been sold for the first time one year later.

These Porsche Turbo miniatures are
1976-79 – Nr.22 – gold with stickers (appeared first in 1975’s catalogue)
1980-81 – Nr. 22 – red without stickers (catalogue image shows an orange model)
After that period was present in the Junior and Club series.

1976-79 – Nr. 26 Porsche Dragón (dark pink) (appeared first in 1975’s catalogue)
1980-82 – Nr. 55 – Porsche Safari Rallye

The third version is the “Safari” model (Nr. 55), in dark blue/purple with yellow spoiler and a front grill made of plastic (very fragile). It is much rarer than the first two and much more expensive to buy, because of the fragile parts.

Since these cars were made during many consecutive years, many variants exist. I will now point out some of the differences between them.

The oldest model among all four is the golden car with the stickers. If you pay attention to the picture showing the chassis, you’ll notice it still has the primitive two-hole subjection system.

In the second oldest model, this system has been replaced by the classic two side rectangles.

These two golden models have different colours of windshield, and the spoiler is also slightly different.
Both models have a silver-chromed plastic interiors.

The re-decoration of the model in red came with a few changes. First, the interior has been removed and the windshields are now darker. Although the catalogue image still depicts a model with black chassis, the produced models came with a white chassis, maybe just because of the better contrast with red. Again, I have two of these, but this time, they’re almost identical. They differ just in the colour of the windshields. This model was first part of the Campeón series, but was later adopted into the Club and Junior series.

  • Name: PORSCHE TURBO (Nr. 22)
  • Scale: Approx 1:64
  • Year: 1976 and 1980
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: 7 cms

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