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“International Payá” was the die-cast line in 1:64 scale made by Payá, the famous Spanish toymaker from Ibi (Alicante). There were more than 50 references made in the last 60s or the early 70s, and most of them are copies from Lesney’s Matchbox.

B.R.M. F1 and LOTUS F1 (2 models)

One of the most important collectors of this particular brand is Miguel Pascual Laborda, who in published a list of all known Payá International models, taking as a reference his own collection, cardbacks, catalogues and everything he could find. The list is the following:

2102 - Lotus Formula 1
2103 - B.R.M. Formula 1
2104 - Chevrolet Impala
2105 - Cadillac Ambulancia
2106 - Ford Galaxie (Jefe Policia)
2107 - Ford Galaxie (Jefe Bomberos)
2108 - Camión Volquete
2109 - Fiat 1500
2110 - Ferrari Berlineta
2111 - M.G. 1.100
2113 - Microbús Mercedes
2115 - Camioneta auxiliar
2116 - Ford GT40
2117 - Seat 124
2118 - Mercedes 280 SL
2119 - Ferrari P5
2121 - Seat 600 D
2124 - Seat 850 Coupé
2130 - Simca 1.000
2131 - Renault R-8
2132 - Citroën Dyane 6
2133 - Road Master
2134 - Ferrari 312 Formula 1 (NM)
2139 - Barreiros Volquete (NM)
2140 - Barreiros S-42 Volquete (NM)
2141 - Pegaso Volquete (NM)
2143 - Jeep
2144 - Barreiros Caja (NM)
2145 - Barreiros Industrias Lácteas (NM)
2146 - Barreiros Maderas (NM)
2147 - Barreiros Correos (NM)
2148 - Barreiros Congelados (NM)
2149 - Pegaso Caja (NM)
2150 - Pegaso Toldo (NM)
2151 - Pegaso Ganado (NM)
2152 - Pegaso Frigorífico (NM)
2153 - Pegaso Mudanzas (NM)
2154 - Barreiros S-42 Caja (NM)
2155 - Barreiros S-42 Abonos Químicos (NM)
2156 - Barreiros S-42 Construcciones (NM)

(NM) indicates that the model is Not Marked on the base as International Payá. These model are all trucks (Pegaso oder Barreiros) plus the Ferrari 312 Formula 1.

All these models were die-cast made. A few models were also made in plastic, those were intended for special racetracks, and were equipped with some kind of wind-up mechanism (I’ll show this racetrack in a future entry).

LOTUS F1 (Matchbox / International Payá)

Vehicles were available in two models of blister cards, being one larger than the other. There are some very rare promotional sets as well: the most complete and famous of these sets were promotional giveaways from a washing powder brand “Skip”. There were 4 sets of 3 cars and a few traffic signs each.

Some of these models were copied from casts made by Matchbox. Other models are not 1:1 copies, but have some differences. In my case, I only have models which are copies from Matchbox, as you can see in the pictures.

CADILLAC AMBULANCE (Matchbox / International Payá )

The condition of the cars varies from one to the other, but they’re all quite worn. Note that the chassis is made in all models except the formula 1s in plastic, so the durability is more limited, than if it was full die-cast made. Paintwork is also not that good; all cars have many chips, probably because of a mixture of bad storage and playtime. Even carded models present sometimes different kinds of problems like paint damage, plastic chassis about to crease and break… definitely, they were not made with the high quality standards that the company applied in its other toys. No matter what, they’re super-rare models, so difficult to find. And even if they’re not mint, they’re very sought-for collectibles.

FORD GALAXY (Matchbox / International Payá)

The models with the lower reference numbers seem to be easier to find than the later ones. Probably, these were available during a longer period of time, and sold more units than the higher reference numbers. It is unknown to me, in which year was each reference available. Maybe in the future, we will be able to find this out.

CAMIÓN VOLQUETE Ref. 2108 (International Payá)

DUMPER TRUCK (Matchbox) / CAMIÓN VOLQUETE (International Payá)

  • Name: PAYÁ INTERNATIONAL: LOTUS F1 (Ref. 2102), B.R.M. F1 (Ref 2103), CADILLAC AMBULANCIA (Ref. 2105), FORD GALAXIE JEFE BOMBEROS (Ref. 2107) and CAMIÓN VOLQUETE (Ref. 2108)
  • Scale: 1:64 (approx.)
  • Year: Payá International: Around 1970
  • Year: Matchbox: 19D and 54B (1965-1970), 59C and 48C (1966-1970)
  • Company: Payá International (Spain) Matchbox (G. Britain)
  • Size: approx. 3’’ or 7 cm

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