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Monday, January 6, 2014


The wrestler bootlegs shown in the previous entry are only two samples. Even later than that, and under the same brand “Wrestling Champions”, a third type of figures were available in toy stores, although the quality of the figures kept sinking and sinking.

At this point, I have two theories: It is possible that the manufacturer was only a reseller that bought figures from different companies, attached a belt to them, and packaged them for sale in Europe and America. When all figures were sold, this reseller simply looked for more similar figures to keep selling them.
My second theory, is that these new figures could actually be knock-offs of the figures in the previous entry.

In any case, the blister back card is different and shows many wrestlers, numbered 338/1 ot 338/6 and 339/1 to 339/12, that is 18 figures. It is difficult to say which figure is which, since the back card is printed just in black and all figures look pretty much the same. There even seems to be a second version of these figures with no articulation at all in the legs.


But there is even more… check the bald wrestler with the moustache from this group of three. It is again different from the other two… its quality is even worse, and the belt is different. It is so badly done, that the arms do not even fit well in the torso, producing an unintended “ball-articulation” that allows the figure to open a bit the arms (in cross).

The playability is not so good as that of the older figures, as you may deduce from the following pictures.

I have read a couple of blog sources about these figures, but everything is quite blurry. Anybody can provide me information about these figures? Which are made by genuine companies and which are bootlegs? Which are bootlegs of bootlegs?

Too many questions…

Here are some pics taken from eBay. Nice to see all that packages and figures. And some more here:

  • Year: Around 1995
  • Company: Unknown (China)
  • Size of the figures: Around 11 cm

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