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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#372 JOAL – REVOLVER COWBOY (Around 1987)

Joal always had among their products some guns, do not forget that the “complete” name of the company was: Joal: Juguetes y Herrajes (toys and ironworks). Although nowadays is very rare to see children playing with weapons (at least in Europe, I don´t know how is it in other continents), guns, rifles and other weaponry were popular toys.

Until the 80s it was common to play with guns, but before that it was normal, even popular. Between the 40s and the 70s there were so many westerns made, that all children wanted to be like John Wayne, no matter if the gun was made of wood, iron or plastic. Other films including pirates, adventures, crime or science-fiction also showed guns as part of the show, so often one manufacturer had several kinds of gun to choose from. Remember for example this gun from the late 60s…

I myself had two chromed plastic "cowboy" guns with their belt and holsters, and also several metallic ones with tiny powder charges that made a terrible noise.

This is one of that kind. The gun is made of metal, except for the brown parts, which are made of plastic. The gun has an operating trigger, that holds the firing pin back, and then sets it free to hit the small plastic cap, producing the noise describe above. If there are no powder charges, the gun works anyway without the explosive noise. This was the most common case, since your parents wouldn’t buy as much ammo as you would need during your gunfights!

I would say, this gun is from the mid 80s, after I analysed the logo and the details. At some point, it became compulsory, that all toy guns had a red tip, to distinguish them from real firearms. I cannot exactly remember when this law was approved, but I would say it was during the 80s.

  • Year: Around 1987
  • Company: Joal (Spain)
  • Size: Approx. 17 cm

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