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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#405 M.A.S.K. – AFTERBURNER with DUSTY HAYES and CLONE (1987)


This is another M.A.S.K. vehicle from the fourth wave, (which was the last one) released in 1987 and 1988.

The vehicle is a dragster, that is a vehicle for short races in line that accelerate extremely fast. I guess these cars have no utility out of competition, but they look very funny.

The vehicle belongs to the “Split Seconds” series (as said before wave 4) and can transform very fast. With just pulling a lever on the back side of the car, it will “jump”, and then you have to separate the jet plane.

In the next few pictures, I show the vehicle and its parts. On one side, we have the pink vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with a missile bomb on the front tip. This can be launched by pushing the black button right of the cabin.

The jet is also very nice, and has a cockpit in which the figure lies. The jet is also equipped with a bomb, which can be found on the back part of it.

There are two figures included: a figure plus its clone. In this case, each figure can ride one part of the vehicle, although, when both parts are together, only one figure has room inside. The character's name is Dusty Hayes, one of the M.A.S.K. commando members. In the show he is a stuntman and a pizza cook. The mask of the figure (the normal one, not the clone) is broken behind.

  • Toy Line: M.A.S.K. (Wave 4 Split Seconds)
  • Year: 1987
  • Company: Kenner (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the vehicle: 9’’ or 23 cm
  • Size of the figures: 2½’’ or 6,5 cm


  1. Very Nice !
    Didn't you forget to open the wings on the jet before your pics ?

    I'm very happy to see that, opposite to me, you steel manage to write articles regulary.

  2. Hi Romain! How are you doing?

    Oh yes, you are right! I forgot it! Thanks for pointing that detail out!

    Yes, a shame that en-broc is not publishing anymore so often, I publish since the beginning 11 articles per month... you published 1 article per day! I hope you can find new toys and time to keep publishing your nice reviews, pictures and videos.

  3. In fact I still have many toys and records to review ... But I lost many of my pics with an USB Drive, and other problems (personal, professional ...) So it's difficult to motivate again, but I try.


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