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Friday, June 13, 2014


This small and cheap toy is a “Lauftier” (lit. “Walking animal”, although in English this kind of toy is known as "Walker"). I bought it recently from a guy who had a box full of them. There were many different animals available: from dogs and horses to more exotic elephants, tigers and camels.

They are made of bright plastic, and have a string attached to its bodies. The other edge of the string have a very light weight (it’s a plastic ball), that makes the animal actually walk. As you can see in the package, the ball is left over the edge of a table, and the animal will walk in that direction.

They are really nice example of “kiosk” toys, which were available for very little money in other places than toy shops: newsagents, bakeries and so on.

The toy is made in Hong Kong, although the packaging is in German. There is a logo printed on it, that, I guess, belongs to the manufacturer or importer, I cannot read it, but I think  it says something like HEID, HEIP, HEDI, HEPI or a similar combination of letters. I have searched the internet, but I found nothing about this brand.

Thanks to Maverick Collecting, I have found out that  this logo belongs to Hans Postler (it was really a "H" and a "P"), a German importer of cheap toys (mainly from Hong Kong and China).

I think this toy was made by the early 70s, sometime between 1970 and 1976, because of the style of the package and being manufactured in Hong Kong for German speaking markets.

The security warnings are also written in French.

  • Name: LAUFTIER (In German: “Walking Animal”)
  • Year: Around 1972
  • Company: Maybe HEDI, HEPI, HEID or HEIP (Hong-Kong?)
  • Size: Around 4 cm.


  1. I think the logo may be an early Hans Postler, importer of HK/Chinese stuff 'till the present! And the title translates vaguely as 'Walker' which is what they are known as in the US/UK.


  2. Wow, very good! You're right, it is a Hans Postler product. Many thanks for the input! I will correct the entry right now.

  3. Where can I buy such toys? I am searching for a horse. Has anybody an idea?
    Thanks, Iris

    1. Hi, maybe if you search for "walker" you may find something. Anyhow, it seems to me like a nearly impossible mission to find these toys toys today. I bought mine shortly before I published this entry in a flea market, 0,50 Eur each. The seller had hundreds, including elephants, dogs, and many other animals, but I have never seen this guy since then. Thanks for the comment!

  4. "As vendable aux enfants de moins de 3 ans conforme aux normes de securite garanti H.P" which is france not duest. Meaning:

    "As salable to children under 3 years old in accordance with the H.P Guaranteed safety standards"


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