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Thursday, August 14, 2014

#446 FX SCHMIDT – SUSI & STROLCH and ROBIN HOOD (Nr. 804 and 57821) (Unknown Date)


These are two sets of cards based on Walt Disney movies. They are the classic quartett decks with 9 families each.

According to my data source, there are quartetts with these themes and names in 1978 and 1969… but I think the data are wrong. First, the Susi & Strolch (the Lady and the Tramp) movie is from 1955 (German premiere: 1956), and the reference is different… My set has reference number 804, while the version from 1978 has reference number 63420, so this has to be much older. The “800” references seem to indicate a “double” box, although there is no reference about any year of manufacture. The logo gives us some hint, this set is maybe from the late 50s…

The case of Robin Hood is simply a mistake. The deck cannot be from 1969 since the movie was made in 1973 (German premiere: 1974). Other Disney movies with lower reference numbers could actually have been released in 1969, maybe this reference was a replacement for an older model (I don’t think that).

The "soap box" from Robin Hood set might not be the original one!

  • Name: SUSI & STROLCH (Nr. 804) and ROBIN HOOD (Nr 57821)
  • Year: Late-50s and Mid-60s (any help?)
  • Company: FX Schmid (Germany)

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