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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


In this entry I will show four card decks made by Ass in the early 70s. At that time, the trumps/ technical quartets had been redesigned to make them look more modern. Pictures were becoming more and more common (instead of drawings), and a new name (“Blitz-Trumpf”, something like “lightning-Trump”) were given to the new series.

These had a reference number starting with 32xx and the deck card had a similar appearance for each deck.

Something very nice about the “Blitz-Trumpfs” is that each set included some advice for your adult professional life , and not some random advice, but something related to the topic of the card deck you own.
For example, if you bought “Deutsche Auto-Asse’72”, it is very likely that you love cars, and maybe you want to build them when you grow up, so they tell you what you need to become a mechanical engineer. The Km/h set explains how to become a reporter, the WW2 Planes deck explains how to become pilot, and Feuerstühle (scroll down for Feuerstühle) gives some advice to work as an employee in a gas station.

These are the complete decks I currently own. I bought some others, but they are missing some cards, I hope I can complete them sometime:

Km/h – Ref. 3201 – Around 1971

Deutsche Auto-Asse’72 – Ref. 3206 – Around 1971

Flugzeuge II. Weltkrieg – Ref. 3228 – 1971

Feuerstühle – Ref. 3221 – Around 1971

Something nice I like commenting is the price of toys when they were sold. In this case, the deck was 16,50 Schilling, that makes a bit more of 1 Euro.

You can see more entries with ASS cards HERE. I have already presented some decks frm the mid-50s, other from the late 80s, and now these from the early 70s.

  • Name: KM/H, DEUTSCHE AUTO-ASSE’72, FEUERSTÜHLE and FLUGZEUGE II. WELTKRIEG (Ref. 3201, 3206, 3221, 3228)
  • Year: Around 1971
  • Company: Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Fabriken A.G. (Also ASS) (West-Germany)

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