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Chiquival was a try to build a rather simple plastic figure in the Playmobil style. The figure by Guisval is approximately half of the size of the Geobra figure. In the Spanish market there were also other figures in this style, but all of them were in the Playmobil size of bigger, like Airgamboys, Cefa-Boys (the Spanish license of the German Play-BIG) or the Coman-boys by Comansi.

In the second picture, you can see the Price of the boxes: 95 pesetas (0,57 Eur). Each of these boxes included a figure with some headwear (in other references, also accessories), a vehicle and a Guisval Catalogue from 1981.

 The figure was patented in 1980, and the patent was granted in 1981. Here are two pictures taken from the original document. As in other “kubrick-style” figure series, what’s important is the concept of the toy, not the accuracy of the models.

The chiquival toyline had many sub-series, all of them with a name starting with “chiqui”, in this case, I am presenting the Chiquicerillas, which gives the idea of a "matchbox toy" (cerillas = matches). Each box includes some kind of vehicle (mostly die-cast) and an articulated plastic figure with some kind of accessory. Most cars are just imaginary models, or toonified real models. Many have big interiors to host the figure. "Chiquicerillas" was the first line to be developed and sold, later there would come many other subseries, like:
  • “Chiquis-Junior” (figure + 3’’ vehicle: train, truck, car, plane) – this line were colorful and less detailed vehicles, intended for younger children.
  • “Chiquis” (figure + 3’’ vehicle: plane, fire-truck, ambulance, formula 1, oldtimer, Jeep, Boat, Vespa… ) – The “classic” line, with new packages (blister pack, jewel case) instead of the matchbox.
  •  “Chiquis Super-Junior” (2 figures + 2 3’’ vehicles) from the “Chiquis” line
  • “Chiquival Senior” (figure + 5’’ vehicle: truck, Jeep, Ambulance, Van, Rally car) – Some vehicles are “recycled” from other lines like Escorpión.
  • “Chiqui-coches” (2 figures + big vehicle: truck or Jeep) – these vehicles were new designs for the Chiquival line. There were some references that included some plastic roads to form a little city and play with your figures.
  • “Chiquitren” was a electric train including train-station, several figures and tracks. There were at least two references, one including only train engine and one coach, and another one with train engine, two coaches and a more tracks. “Chiquitren” could be combined with the “Chiqui-coches”. Forming a larger city with both train tracks and roads.

  • Name: CHIQUI-MOTORISTA y CHIQUI-ESQUIADOR (Ref. 571 and 574)
  • Toy Line: Chiquival
  • Year: 1981
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size of the figures: Approx. 4,5 cm

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