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Saturday, October 18, 2014

#469 CEFA - NUEVO COLT 45 AUTOMÁTICO (Around 1965)

There is no indication at all of which company manufactured this plastic pistol. The toy is not marked, and neither is the box. There are two sellers in todocoleccion, who have this same toy boxed, and they argue, the pistol was made by Cefa (CElulosa FAbril from Zaragoza). They might be right, although I want to register my doubts towards this atribution. It was made in Spain in any case, and it has enough quality to be a product of Cefa, although it is somehow strange that Cefa didn´t marked the pistol.

No matter which company made it, the pistol is very nice, has many details in its cast that make it look almost real, and the handle is even made in a different colour. I think there are some toy firearm collectors out there who might be interested in such a model. The pistol actually "works" and can shoot plastic bullets. In the package there were many included, but none has survived until today.

The pistol was presumably made in the mid-60s, as I can deduce from the age of its owner and also the style of the box: simple, colorful, in Spanish only. The box should have a cardboard inlay, so the pistol is fixed inside the box, and do not move. The lower part of the box is plain white.

  • Year: Around 1965
  • Company: Cefa (Spain)
  • Size: Approx. 17 cm

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