Friday, March 6, 2015

#520 EFSI - MERCEDES 250 SE COUPE and CITROEN DYANE (Nrs. 406 and 410) (Around 1972)

These are two very old EFSI models I own. The Mercedes was also available under the BestBox brand, although that older model had practicable doors. As you can see in the base plate, the Efsi brand has been placed over some deleted part, where previously the BestBox logo was. The black wheels were also used by the latest BestBox, but are best known for being the classic design of a big part of EFSI models.
The first model is a Citroen Dyane in yellow, very well casted and with great details. The most impresive one is the practicable sunroof made of thin plastic.

The second model, also in yellow, is a Mercedes 250 SE Coupé decorated with race number 10, and a black base. It is not so detailed as the previous model, but still a rare model.

None is in their best conditions, but still have collector value.

  • Name: CITROEN DYANE and MERCEDES 250 SE COUPE (Nrs. 406 and 410)
  • Scale: 1:60
  • Year: Around 1972
  • Company: EFSI Holland (Netherlands)
  • Size: approx. 3’’ or 7 cm

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