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Thursday, April 16, 2015



Since the entry about the Cosmic Cowboys has had a great success so far, I will publish now another entry talking about a similar figure.

The Battlehawks are another toyline based on the X-Changers by Acamas Toys and Spearhead Industries. In this case, the line is future-themed, and its main characters are bird-alike creatures or birdmen, but there are also one character that resembles a tiger and another one that resembles a wolf.

Again, there are two factions, the heroic Battlehawks (Star Hawk, Skywing and Hawklord) and the evil forces (Nighthawk, Star Prowler and Iron Wolf) fight for the control of the cities in planet Falconstarr. There is a nice story in the cardback that recalls the origins of Night Hawk and theabilities of each member of each faction.

These figures ares, as explained in the Cosmic Cowboys entry, made of plastic and have approximately the size of a Master of the Universe. The special feature of this toyline and all the other X-Changers lines is that the arms and legs can be snapped off and on, and exchanged with other figures.

The only figure I own is Skywing, the “master of flight and agility and faithful protector of Falconstarr’s sky cities”. Each figure came with some accessories, in this case, Skywing came with a purple cloak (made of a tissue that seems to be plastic, or a plastic that looks like cloth), and a strange staff. According to pictures that I could find on the internet, all battlehawks came with some kind of stuff or small gun and maybe a harness or wings.

The figure is really great and as the Cosmic cowboys is very rare to find complete and very expensive anyway. This knock-off line was produced in very short numbers and today with the collectors of MOTU KOs they are very sought after.

I link here an interesting article in a blog that I would recommend you all to follow: Knock-Off Collector.

  • Name: SKYWING
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Acama Toys Ltd. (Great Britain / Hong Kong), Spearhead Industries Inc. (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 5½’’ or 12 cm

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