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Sunday, May 3, 2015

#541 MATCHBOX - SNR6 HOVERCRAFT and RESCUE HOVERCRAFT (Nr. 72 and 2) (1972 and 1976)

The first article of the last month (month of the bootleg) continued the last entry of March, and the first entry in May will also somehow continue the last entry of April. This way, both articles will be "together" and it will be easier to find one from the other.
These are the two Superfast Hovercrafts made by Matchbox. Both have the same base with the same reference in the 1-75 series, although they are different casts and in all catalogues have different numbers, they have been numbered 72 & 2, and they are really 72-B and 02-C.
The first one (72-B, from 1972-78) is a white hovercraft with black base and red plastic details. It is a quite common model, but unfortunately the plastic part on top is quite fragile, so sometimes, those blades are broken. It carries one sticker on each side with the letters SRE6 plus the Union Jack.

The second model (02-C, from 1976-80) was made in bright green with a brown base. Maybe they had in mind to release a military model, but at the end it was decorated with some random "RESCUE" stickers. This model has two chromed bits on top, that resembles some kind of motor plus an air intake. These are sometimes not very shiny anymore, but, in general, this model is much more durable than the first one.
It seems to me, that the white model is a scale reproduction of a real hovercraft, while the second one is more like an invention, but I could be wrong, I am no expert on this topic, and never saw a real hovercraft either.

The white hovercraft was also available in a bigger scale in the Superkings series.
UPDATE: This is a rare Rescue Hovercraft in a pale green with black base. I found it by chance and never had seen it before. Did you know it? Was it sold as part of some bigger kit, or in the ordinary 1-75 series? Anyhow a very interesting model. I know what Christian Falkensteiner has published here:
This is the version with purple windows.


  • Name: HOVERCRAFT SRN6 and RESCUE HOVERCRAFT (Nr. 72 and 2)
  • Scale: 1:145
  • Year: 1972 and 1976
  • Company: Matchbox (G. Britain)
  • Size: approx. 3’’ or 7 cm


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