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Saturday, July 25, 2015

#571 TIGER QUARTETT- TIERE (Nr. 73), SCHIFFE (Nr. 76) and RENNWAGEN (Nr. 79) (1972)


I have bought a few more decks by Tiger, and I will present them in this and the next entries. There is not much to add to the introduction made in entry #337, the only difference is that this time I have two decks which are older than those shown in the first entry.

I remember there were at least 3 "releases", each one characterized by a reference number (either 2, 4 or no digits). According to (very nice blog in German, recommended!), these three releases were:

1972 (2-digit reference number): Schwarzer Peter (Nr. 71), Blumen (Nr. 72), Tiere (Nr. 73), Städte (Nr. 74), Tierbabies (Nr. 75), Schiffe (Nr. 76), Flugzeuge (Nr. 77), Autos (Nr. 78), Rennwagen (Nr. 79)

Late 70s (4-digit reference number): Motorrad WM (Nr. 4241), Exotische Tiere (Nr. 4245), Tolle-Jets (Nr. 4253), Tierbabies (Nr. 4256), Schnelle Eisen (Nr. 4259)

Late 70s (No reference number): Airlines, Autos, Auto-Cross, Auto-Rennsport, Crazy Cars, Dicke Brummer, Dragster, Formel 1 WM, Hobby-Flitzer, Klassische Renner, Lokomotiven, Militärflugzeuge, Miniflitzer, MotoCross WM, Motor Monster, Motorräder, Motoryachten, Rennfahrer, Rennwagen, Schiffe, Schnelle Eisen, Schwarzer Peter, Sportwagen-Stars, Tiere, Tierfamilien, Tolle Autos, Tolle Bauten, Tolle Coupés, Tolle Flitzer, Tolle Flugzeuge, Weltrekord Fahrzeuge, Windjammer, 200 km/h-Club

SCHIFFE (Nr. 76) -  based on "Schiffe" by Piatnik (Nr. 4242)

RENNWAGEN (Nr. 79) - based on "Rennwagen" by Piatnik (Nr. 4229)


These three cards promoting other Piatnik sets were in the box of "Rennwagen", but I cannot assure, that they were originally included, or if they were put in afterwards.

In the first entry dealing with Tiger decks, there was another versión of "Rennwagen", but they are completely different decks.

UPDATE (May/2017) Added Tiere Quartet (Nr. 73), based on a newer version of Piatnik's Tier Quartett (Nr. 279) - Box is maybe not the original one. This deck has only 6 families... Or is it not complete?

  • Name: TIERE (Nr. 73), SCHIFFE (Nr. 76) and RENNWAGEN (Nr. 79)
  • Year: Around 1972
  • Company: Tiger (Germany, Austria)

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