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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


When the Masters of the Universe fame was decaying, Mattel decided to introduce a series of 10 figures that did not fit the rest of the series. These were 9 animals and one robt that could transform into eggs.

  • Cometroid – Heroic meteorb with mechanical power.  
  • Ty-Grrr – Heroic tiger Meteorb.
  • Astro Lion – Heroic lion with amazing brute strength.
  • Comet Cat – Heroic panther. The fastest of the Meteorbs.
  • Tuskor – Heroic Mammooth who busts force fields with tusks.
  • Dinosorb – Evil brontosaurus who stomps to start quakes.
  • Crocobite – Evil crocodile with crushing jaws.
  • Rhinorb – Evil rhino with horrible ramming horn.
  • Orbear – Evil grizzly who bashes enemies with his claws.
  • Gore-illa – Evil ape with monstrous muscle-power.

The story created to fit the Meteorbs into this series was that they were powerful creatures from space that reached Eternia together with Rokkon and Stonedar (two figures from series 5). They appeared in a few comics, catalogues from different countries and also in one chapter of Princess of Power.
The figures are not even a Mattel toy. They were manufactured by Bandai in Japan. They belonged to another toyline called Tamagoras, that reached a certain popularity by the beginning of the 80s. Unfortunately, the Meteorbs didn´t sell very well, and were discontinued after only one wave/ year. The MotU were already in their end phase and the concept was too different. It didn´t work, although transforming toys were some kind of fashion back them.

I own only one of these, Orbear, the bear.

I also have several figures from the Huevox series by Phoskitos. Phoskitos is a biscuit and chocolate dessert intended for children at school. They always have some promotion running with stickers or whatever. In this case you could win these figures. They are from the late 2000s and made in China. One of them is identical to Tuskor the Mammooth, only in another colour.

  • Name: ORBEAR (Ref. 1415) + Some HUEVOX
  • Toy Line: Masters of the Universe (Wave 6) / Huevox
  • Year: 1987 / Around 2008
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.) / Unknown (Phoskitos promo)
  • Size of the figures: 6 cm

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