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Saturday, September 5, 2015


Time to return to my favorite action figure line of all times. I could finally take pictures of my figures last summer, and I will now be able to present them in new entries. I´ll start with two figures from wave 2, which are characterized by having articulation on knies and elbows. These are two of my favorite figures in the whole collection, for their great design: Green Demon (Ref. 1111) and Rank (Ref. 1113).

Green Demon is some kind of reptilian creature with spines in head and shoulders, the colour combination green/yellow is simple but very effective. This figure came with an exclusive accesory, which is a golden curved sword with a ruby in its handle.

Rank looks like a robot, with a very big head and spines in head, shoulders and chest. Maybe these spines are intended to give it a more menacing appearance, since it is a Super Diabolic, not a Super Fantastic. Again, the purple colour combined with black is a perfect match for this figure. The figure came with a golden trident, which is exclusive to this figure.

Additionally to those weapons, each figure included one or more black guns, rifles, but it is difficult to re-order them, since there are not many pictures of carded figures where you can clearly see the accesories. And if you can, sometimes you can see the same figure packed with different accesories. I am working in such a list, but it is difficult. So far, I have seen these two figures with the following accesories:
  • Green Demon: Rifle
  • Rank: Pistol ("Thompson" type)
There are three types of pistol used for this collection. The first type is kind of futuristic, the second one is the "Thompson" type and the third one has a ball below the cannon. If you are familiar with the collection, you know what I am talking about. In a future entry, I will talk further about accesories.

  • Name: GREEN DEMON (Ref. 1111) and RANK (Ref. 1113)
  • Toy Line: Airgam Comics (Wave 2)
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Airgam (Spain)
  • Size of the figures: Around 8.5 cm (3.25'')


  1. Los Airgam Comics son preciosos. Todos ellos tienen un encanto y desprenden una magia que los hace únicos. Nunca los tuve de niño, pero con el tiempo he ido apreciando esa belleza que los caracteriza. Son fabulosos.

    Un saludo.

  2. Hola Pablo, gracias por el comentario. Además de todo lo que dices, son difíciles de conseguir en buen estado y a buen precio, y si encima los queremos completos... aún más.


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