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Friday, September 11, 2015

#588 SIKU - MC LAREN M8F and PORSCHE 917/10 TURBO LADER (1045/1328 and 1046/1329) (1976)

I really like these two models. The grey Porsche was one of my first (if not my very first) Siku model. I found it in the Rastro, which is Madrid's most famous flea market. I was fascinated by the bulky, hard-built Sport Prototye and with the data written on the chassis: power, máximum speed, number of cilinders... I had no cars like this one.

Much later, I found the other two, and now, writting this article, I find that both were first released in 1976 (with two consecutive reference numbers 1045 and 1046) but in different decorations: the Porsche in red and the McLaren in blue, both with wáter tampographies. Mine are later reeditions (references 1328 and 1329) with simpler tampographies, and the McLaren is missing all 6 exhaust pipes (they should be a bit longer each).

The production years for each model were:
  • Porsche 917/10 Turbo Lader 1976-1992 - #1045
  • McLaren M8F  1976-1986 - #1046

So, a nice pair of models. I think they were also available in a bigger set with van and tráiler, but this information is hard to find without the appropriate catalogues. I leave here two more pictures for you, although the vehicles do not belong together. I just thought they look nice because of the base red with white decoration.

UPDATE 1 (May/2017) Blue Porsche 917/10 Turbo Lader

  • Name: MC LAREN M8F and PORSCHE 917/10 TURBO LADER (1045/1328 and 1046/1329)
  • Scale: 1:66
  • Year: 1976
  • Company: Siku (Germany)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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