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Thursday, September 24, 2015


This dinosaur is the American brother of the Velociraptor: slightly bigger, but very similar to the Asian dinosaur, and also a few million of years older, and thus less evolved. The toy however is the most oversized in the whole series: the real dinosaur was 3 meter long, but only around 1 or 1,5 meter high, so the humans/Valorians are (or should be) higher than the dinosaur. If the scale of the figure and the dinosaur were the same, the dinosaur would be around 3 or 4 meters high.

If we ignore this accuracy detail, the toy is great, since the dinosaur can be hold very comfortably from the tail, the head sculpt is great with all those teeth, and its action feature is also great to play with. When pushing the button over the tail, the dinosaur moves its legs as if it was running. The front legs are also articulated.

In the first wave, there were two deynonichus released, one for the valorians, and another one for the rulons. As usual, the Rulon Deinonychus was armoured heavier that the Rulon one, but the dinosuars were identical except for the colour of the plastic/paintwork. The Valorian dinosaur is much darker than the Rulon one.

The Valorian armour comprises a saddle with two side cannons/guns, and that´s it. Although the box was middle-sized, the contents were rather meager. Dinosaur, 1 piece armour, 1 figure and 1 weapons set. The figure is Sky, a character with one of the 2 classic "wave 1" casts: with dark blue trousers with braces, and blue shirt, one of the darkest colour combinations in a Valorian figure ever (they tend to wear light colours, while Rulons usually wear darker outfits). The figure came with a accesory tree "grey 1", as all the other Valorians from wave 1.

The armour is fixed to the body of the dinosaur by means of a flat and broad rubber band that after so many years has disappear. They tend to dry and break, so it has been replaced by a new one.

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  • Name: DEYNONYCHUS with SKY
  • Toy Line: Dino-Riders (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: Tyco (U.S.A.)
  • Scale of the dinosaur: 1:24
  • Size of the figures: 2½’’ or 6,5 cm

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