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Sunday, September 27, 2015

#594 TINTOYS/ TIN'S TOYS - TYRRELL P34, HESKETH 308 and LOTUS J.P.S. (Around 1983)

These Hong-Kongese die-cast models are roughly made and are mostly copies of other brands, but I still love them. I once studied the history of the company here (#336), in that article I mention that Tintoys and Tin´s Toys are actually the same brand, although in further discussion with Jose from "Die-Cast Chile", this fact doesn´t seem to be proven.

I have searched for cars packed in Tin´s Toys blister cards, and they are quite rare. The Tintoys packages are somehow more common. I would like to analyse why do I think that both companies are the same. To this extent I´ll use the following pictures that I have borrowed from eBay.

  • Blister card: Both have almost the same text on them:
  • Logo: Very similar
  • Cars: Some models share the same casts (with different reference numbers), some exceptions are, however, known (see die-cast chile).
  • Numbering System: Very similar
  • Stickers: Identical
Tintoys/Tin´s Toys reproduced very interesting models with unique decorations or customizations. An example to this are the OSI Bisiluro with a motor on top, or the Hesketh 308, with huge exhaust pipes which were not present in the real model. Note also that the Hesketh is also a very very rare model to see in 1:64 scale. Yatming and Polistil, both brands famous for F1 series, also reproduced it.
In this case, I have collected 6 Formula 1 models. I think the Tyrrells were probably sold together, but the other two do not belong to the same pack.

The cars shown in entry #336 were marked with T and a three number digit, but these models are marked W.T. plus a three number digit (this mean they were sold under the Tintoys brand). The variations on the Tyrrell are also a very interesting thing, because to my knowledge, Tintoys released each model in only one colour. Unfortunately, the Tyrrells have been customized by its previous owner, and have some ink marks, that I had not removed yet at the time I photographed them.

W.T. 801
Tyrrell P34
Made in Hong Kong
Color: Dark Red #1, Beige #2, Green #3 and Blue #4
I think this car is based in the RJ series model by Polistil.

W.T. 711
Hesketh 308
Made in Hong Kong
Color: Purple

W.T. 408
Lotus J.P.S.
Made in Hong Kong
Color: Black
  • Name: TYRRELL P34, HESKETH 308 and LOTUS J.P.S. (Nr. WT 801, WT 711 and WT 408)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1983
  • Company: Tintoys/ Tin's Toys (Hong Kong)
  • Size: 6 to 7 cm

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