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Sunday, January 3, 2016


This PVC dinosaur is a bootleg figure from the Dinosaucers series. The cartoon was never very popular, and there were never an official (licensed) line of action figures. The only vintage toy products I know were a series of PVC figures (licensed by Telecon  Inc 1988) and another PVC figures by Yolanda (monochromatic). This plastic figure is almost completely unmarked (China is the only word marked on the figure) and came in a blister pack which was quite simple. Each package included one body and several heads (5, I think). I remember I bought one as a birthday present for my neighbour, so I recall well the figure.

The toy could be purchased in the early nineties in the famous cheap stores in which everything costed 100 pesetas (0,60 Eur) today, these shops still exist but most products cost 1 Euro. These shops were a small revolution back then, and they had some quality toys at the beginning, like MC Toy scale cars or several figure bootlegs of MOTU, G.I.Joe and other popular lines. Later, the quality would decrease.

I guess the figure is older than that, since the figures always came later to Spain than to the rest of the world. The TV show dates from 1987 (65 episodes for 4 months) but also came later to Spain, by the early nineties again. The figures were probably available earlier in other parts of the world, although I have only seen then on Ebay Spain or Spanish auction sites. Some Dinosaucers collectors worldwide also wrote that they got their figures in Spain, so it is difficult to guess on this point.

There were two body casts available, each of them painted in many different patterns, including some exotic colours. Most dinosaurs have a base colour skin in yellow/orange and the colour of the uniform would vary, but these exotic figures have for example purple skin.

Second cast available. Tail did not fit very well and it is very often missing, as in the picture.

The heads available are not very well casted, so it is difficult to name the dinosaurs and the name of the characters that each represents. One of them is clearly "Allo", the leader of the Dinosaucers, which can be clearly identified because he is wearing a helmet.

Other are Styraco, Tricero, Ankylo (missing) and an unidentified one, which could be Stego, Bonehead, Bronto Thunder, Dimetro, Quackpot or Plesio. All these dinosaurs had similar heads.

  • Alternate Names: ASTRO-DINOS (German)
  • Year: Around 1990
  • Company: Unknown Manufacturer (China)
  • Size of the figures: Around 10 cm

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