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Thursday, March 3, 2016



It is uncommon for this blog to show toys made after 1995, but this entry is an exception to my rule. As most people of my age, I enjoyed the films of Indiana Jones made in the 80s, as well as some videogames from the 90s, specially "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" and "The Last Crusade".
I also saw the movie from 2008 "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and I enjoyed it. I think many people disliked it and ranted about it on the internet, but I had a good time watching it.

This last movie brought a line of action figures and accesories in the old fashion of the late 80s, something which is quite rare nowadays, and that most toy companies do not dare to do anymore. Hasbro released a bunch of figures either in individual packs, bigger packs (consisting of two figures, or one figure and a big accesory), vehicles and even playsets. There were figures released not only characters from the last movie, but from all 4 movies in the saga, and each blister was accordingly marked with the title of the film in which the chaacter appears. Some people divide the released figures in 4 waves, one for each movie, although I normally use wave in a different way. All Indy figures were available at more or less the same time (at least in Europe)
The toyline was a flop, and most figures were sold out after only a few months. I first bough two sets that were Inidana Jones in the bedouin clothes with the ark of the covenant, and the second one was a set with Marion Ravenwood and Cairo Henchman, both sets from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I liked the figures, so I bought them cheap. 

Months later, in a 1 Euro shop, I found many other figures in single blister packs for 1 Euro each, so I couldn´t resist and bought one of each available reference, which was 7 figures. I had the intention to open the blisters (they took simply too much space), and display the figures.
As it happened with the figures commented in entry #596, Indiana Jones figures are made with faces that actually resemble the actors who played the role in the movie, so it is quite cool to see Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and all the others as an action figure. They are overarticulated, with ankles, elbows, wrists and so on, and perfectly detailed (clothes, accesories, weapons...). They are really great. A very impressive detail is that each figure came with a cardboard box in which a small plastic special accesory was hidden. Before you bought the figure it was not possible to know what was inside. Each figure came with a relic that appeared in one of the films or one relic which is very well known worldwide. In each box there was also a small piece of paper with a few words about that piece.

Double packs were also decorated with a nice background especially chosen for its contents.

  • Toy Line: Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Year: 2008
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 9,5 cm (3 3/4'')


  1. Just discovered your blog, nice stuff! I don't have as much die cast as you, but there is some overlap between my collection and yours!
    I have a few German and Soviet soldiers, they refuse to look in it!

    1. Hi! This is the last comment you left so far. Many thanks for all of them. These last pictures are also nice, but they seem bigger than my 3.75 inches Indiana Jones figures.

    2. I have 4 (i think) Indiana Jones figures that are 12 inches tall, or 1:6th scale. A talking Indy, Mutt Williams, a German soldier, and the Soviet soldier who got eaten by ants (he even came with ants!) The only one i don't have is Cairo Swordsman, the guy who puts on a show with his sword and Indy just shoots him ha ha ha

    3. Oh, I see, they are also Hasbro products! I didn´t know these were released. Cool, I think these were not available in Europe.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Talking Indy says
    "Snakes?! Why'd it have to be snakes?""Ooo, i hate these guys!""Archeology is the search for fact.""Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory!" and i think "RUN RUN RUN!" Mutt has a stupid action feature and no motorcycle jacket, Comrade Ants and the Kraut are fairly standard GI Joe ish guys, though the German is dead-body grey. Don't confuse those guys with the rarer GI Joe dressed as Indy that was sold by Disney in support of the Universal Studio Indy stunt show.
    What, no Adventure Team logo? Who's idea was that? FIRE HIM.

  3. Thanks for the new comment! Two completely new figures from me, never saw them before. As said in the previous comment, I guess these were never released here in Europe. They just brought the 3.75'' figs and after not selling well, they probably didn't brin anything else. I bought all the figures shown in this entry for 1 Euro the single packs and maybe 5 Euro the double packs shortly after they were released.
    Action figures' market is nowadays dead, figures do not sell anymore. Shame.


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