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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#656 HUSKY - SEVERAL TRUCKS (From 1964 to 1966)

Husky is a brand from the Mettoy Company, the makers of Corgi model cars. We have talked about both Corgi and Husky before. Husky models were all in 3 inches size ("1:box" scale) and originally made exclusively for Woolworth´s in Great Britain, Canada and the United States. They were available in that supermarket chain between 1964 and 1969. However, some models were available in other countries from 1966 on. In 1969, after the Woolworth contract expired, the line was renamed "Corgi Juniors". Many models are available in two different versions that differ only in the logo on the base. Corgi was very popular in 1:43 scale, selling better than Dinky and other contemporary brands.
The bases of the different vehicles are mostly made of chromed plastic, although some were made in more robust metal, and originally with plastic grey/greenish wheels. These wheels were later modified for more durable metallic wheels with plastic tyres (see Guy Warrior Milk Tanker, Nr. 17-B2). Most models include windows and interiors, which is fine. The casting is quite good, but the durability is not the best. Another weak point is the suspension based on a plastic flap (in the plastic based models).
In 1969, shortly after Mattel´s Hot Wheels and the rename from Husky to Corgi Juniors, the "Whizzwheels" were introduced only in some models, which were more expensive than the "ordinary" series. The "fast" models were included in a series called "Corgi Rockets" that also included some tracksets, but from 1970 on, Corgi decided to mount Whizzwheels in all models, and shortly afterwards, the Corgi Rockets series was discontinued and the models released in the Corgi Juniors series.
The competition by Corgi to Hotwheels was successful and they got their own piece of cake. Hot Wheels lost a lot of market share and also started downgrading some features to be able to sell cheaper and cheaper.
10-A1 Guy Warrior Coal Truck
25-A1 S & D Refuse Truck

17-A1 Guy Warrior Milk Tanker (Oval)
17-B1 Guy Warrior Milk Tanker (Squarish) (only model with 2-component wheels)

11-A2 Land Rover Forward control
29-A1 ERF Truck (Cement Mixer)

  • Name: 10-A1 Guy Warrior Coal Truck, 11-A2 Land Rover Forward control, 17-A1 Guy Warrior Milk Tanker (Oval), 17-B1 Guy Warrior Milk Tanker (Squarish), 25-A1 S & D Refuse Truck and 29-A1 ERF Truck (Cement Mixer)
  • Year: 1964, 1965, 1966
  • Company: Husky (Great Britain)
  • Size: Around 7 cm
  • Scale: Around 1:100 (trucks)

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