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Friday, May 13, 2016

#677 PIATNIK - 200 Km/h CLUB (Nr. 4220) (1973 and 1981)

These are two sets made by Piatnik with the same name and reference. The older one seems to be from around 1973 and the more modern one from 1981. Each year, Piatnik (and other manufacturers) changed each year a few cards to keep the deck modern. There are 24 different cards from one set to the other and 8 years between them, that makes an average of 4 cards/year.

In this case, the topic is "200 Km/h", that is a mixture of race cars, rally cars and also commercial models mixed up together, all of them reaching more than 200 kilometers per hour. The "landscape" format used by Piatnik allows larger photos.
1973 Version

1981 Version 

  • Name: 200 Km/h CLUB (Nr. 4220)
  • Year: 1973 and 1981
  • Company: Piatnik (Austria)

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