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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#681 RICO MINI SANSÓN – BUGGY DUNNE SIN CAPOTA (Ref.504) (Around 1970)

Buggys were quite popular in the 70s, they were simple, fun, could drive over sand (for example on the beach) and were associated with freedom and freshness. There were thousands of buggy toys, and this is one of them, made in Spain by Rico under license of Tonka.

In some Rico boxes it is clearly specified that the license comes from Tonka, although in this case it is not stated… A friend of this blog posted a comment in one of my old Tonka/Rico entries, telling me that there are some hints that Rico started manufacturing Tonka models without the license and after being warned, they turned everything legal.

I would like to prove this, maybe I can ask somebody at the Toy Museum from Ibi (when I finally get to visit it), or maybe, if you are reading this and you know something, you could leave a comment in this entry.

I love this buggy, it is sturdy as every other Sansón product, it has a nice colour and a sticker that gives it a very “hippie” look. The box is also very interesting: the buggy is depicted in green instead of red and there are some Sansón Trucks on the back: the car transporter, two fire trucks, an excavator…

I want to write one or two entries on Sansón trucks, but I always forget to take pictures of them. Hopefully I have another chance next and the entry will be published soon.

  • Name: BUGGY DUNNE SIN CAPOTA (Ref. 504)
  • Year: Around 1970
  • Company: RICO (Spain)
  • Size: Around 9 cm.
  • Scale: Unknown

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