Sunday, June 19, 2016

#690 G.I. JOE – BIG BEAR and FLAK VIPER (1992)

Among the newest series (most people consider “newest” the series from 1991 to 1994) there are a few figures that tower above the rest. These las classic series are considered by many to be very futuristic and cartoonish, with plenty of oversized weapons and neon coloured characters.

Big Bear is one of the exceptions here. The character belong to the “Oktober Guard”, the communist Russia’s counterpart to G.I.Joe. In some comic books, they teamed up with G.I.Joe, and made up great stories. These comics are also considered to be among the best in the whole history of G.I.Joe comics. One year earlier there was another Oktober Guard figure released: Red Star. After Big Bear, a bunch of other cool figures were released, but all of them in 1998 onwards.

The figure wears a green uniform and the typical Russian hat, and includes very cool weapons. It also includes the missile launcher (as every other figure from 1991 or 1992 on).

The second figure today is also appretiated among collectors, and is some anti-aircraft soldier from Cobra. The figure has a green, grey and blue uniform (which not everybody likes) although a second version was worse with pinkish red instead of blue. The weapons are slightly oversized, but the rifle is nice. Personally, I like this figure, its concept and even the double rocket launcher that is also a backpack.

  • Toy Line: G.I. Joe (Wave 11)
  • Year: 1992
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 9,5 cm (3 3/4'')

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