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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#708 SIKU – FORD GRANADA-TURNIER, CAMARO Z28 and MORGAN PLUS8 (1975, 1983 and 1986)

Three more Sikus for the record!

1028 FORD GRANADA-TURNIER (1975-1984)
This model was available in yellow only, but other reference numbers included decorations in red (Fire Brigade) and blue with a boat on top. This model is quite impressive and comes with practicable trunk, and is a really nice model. I don´t know of any other manufacturer that made the Ford Granada in this version.
Since it was for almost 10 years in production, there are several shades of yellow, ranging from lemon yellow to orange-ish yellow.

1051 CAMARO Z28 (1983-1995)
This is a very iconic car of the 80s, although it was not available in Spain and most parts of Europe, we knew it from the movies. The car looks really impressive from the front. Being a popular car, was manufactured by many die-cast manufacturers in this scale (for example Tomica), althugh the Siku model is slightly bigger than other 3 inches (Scale 1:55). I found it in a flea market, and despite being in good shape, the windshield has been drilled an is cracked and partly missing. Shame!
The car was available in black, white and silver, all three very elegant colours.

0836/1062 MORGAN PLUS8 (1986-1995)
The Morgan Plus 8 is a British car that looks older than it is. It was available from 1968 to almost today in different versions, but what I mean, is that already in 1968, it looked a bit like a sports car from the 50s or even the 40s. It was definitely very different from any other car at the time, and that made it very attractive for toy manufacturers. Among the ones that come to my mind  right now are the Tomica and the Majorette models, which I owned as a kid.
The model by Siku as available in three different shades of blue. In my opinion, they should have used different colours (black would have been awesome), so the three versions differ widely frm each other. These three are: violet, turquoise and light blue.

  • Scale: Approx. 1:55
  • Year: 1975, 1983 and 1986
  • Company: Siku (Germany)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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