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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#711 MATCHBOX – AMX JAVELIN (Nº9b) (1977)

Around Matchbox collectors there are some which are really looking at minor differences that could be among cars. Think that Matchbox cars were sold over 5-8 year periods and several million times each, so when the cast had some wear it had to be replaced for another one, which maybe introduced some changes and improvements.

Also when a run of pieces (both metallic – base, body, practicable parts…- or plastic -interiors, windshields, wheels…-) was over and a new one had to be manufactured, it is not rare that the colours changed slightly.

Some collectors also search for differences in the boxes.

This has, in principle, no relation with the models that were re-released with “new decorations” (in a completely different colour), although (specially in the old days) a new decoration usually meant that the new casts were often mounted with the old interiors or the old windshields (that had a different colour than they should), resulting in even more variations, some of them very rare.

What I bring today are three versions of the AMX Javelin made between 1972 and 1977, but also available in other types of packs until 1982. These three are not the only variants of this car. It also came with white, blue interior… the part that covers the motor (which is also part of the interior and the steering wheel can be black or chromed), some of this variants are really rare, some can be found more commonly. The rare ones, if correctly described can reach very high prices in sites like eBay.

For variants, I recommend the page of Christian Falkensteiner, that you can find here:
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For AMX Javelin explicitly:

In the previous link at the bottom, you will find a download link for a Word file, where all known variants are listed:

My respect to the guys who perform this thorough analysis, and spend so much time making this information available to the public.

  • Name: AMX JAVELIN (Nº9b)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: 1972 (to 1977)
  • Company: Matchbox (Great Britain)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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