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Friday, September 9, 2016

#719 ASS – HEIDI QUARTETT (3172/7) and SCHNIPP-SCHNAPP HEIDI (1986 and 1979)


Heidi is one of the most successful cartoon series ever in Europe, I don't know if it was also popular in the US, Japan and other countries, but in Spain, Germany and Austria it was very very popular. There were thousands of related toys and articles for children, like the walking doll I showed a long time ago, the PVC figures from Germany or the two decks today.

One of the decks is based on the original cartoon, but it has a different style, note that the drawing are not exactly like the ones in the TV series.

This deck is not the original release, but a promotional re-release from the 80s of an Austrian Bank (P.S.K.). At some point in the 80s, the P.S.K. gave away some promotional mini-quartetts with popular topics of those years. This is the only one I own, but I have seen more.

The second deck is based on the live action, TV series Heidi from 1978. This was a West German and Swiss co-production, but unfortunately I haven't seen it. The card deck, however, is newer. It seems to have been released in 1986. 

  • Year: 1986 and (around) 1979 respectively
  • Company: Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Fabriken A.G. (Also ASS) (West-Germany)

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