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Thursday, October 6, 2016


For the amateur collector of Star Wars figures (like me), finding some of the most difficult figures of the series (like the last 17) can be a really difficult task. I first found Han Solo in a flea market and bought it for almost no money, but then I had to wait like 2 years to get the carbonite chamber for a reasonable price. This accesory has not been reproduced yet (and it will probably never be), because a cast with these dimensions would simply cost toooooo much money.

No matter what, I completed this figure, and then I recently bought Annakin.

Continuing with Han Solo, the figure is probably one of the worst ones in the whole series, pretty dull outfit, the face does not resembles Harrison Ford and it came only with the chamber accesory, not even a small gun or something to add some playability (note that the hands are prepared to carry any accesory from another figure). The cool feature is that the figure is placed in the chamber, and then, since the chamber is partially transparent, you can see the figure from the outside, a little bit like in the Return of the Jedi.

The other figure I present today is Annakin, who by the end of the first trilogy (episodes IV to VI), was a very enigmatic character. We know it is Darth Vader, but we would have to wait around 15 years for the second trilogy (episodes I to III) to know the complete story of Annakin Skywalker). This figure was initially a mail-away offer, and could be obtained bagged for a few proofs of purchase and some money. Later was packaged in blister cards available in the US and the UK. The figure came without accessories.

Like other figures in this series that wear those long dresses, I like the way the legs articulation is solved. It looks fine when standing or seating, and it is still movable and can be played in a normal way.

Both figures are among the famous Last 17, which are the last figures ever produced by Kenner during that first “vintage” era, and that ended in 1985 with the “The Power of the Force”. All 17 are very hard to find, as I explained in a previous entry with Barada and Yak Face (see #138).
  • Toy Line: Star Wars: Power of the Force
  • Year: 1985
  • Company: Kenner (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 11 cms or 3,75’’

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