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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#736 FX SCHMID - DIE ALLERNEUESTEN (50026.2), FERRARI (50045.3), IRRE SCHLITTEN (50057.6) and GRAND PRIX (50169.6) (1985 and 1989)

My favorite decks of cards are those showing cars, I love sport cars, race cars and prototypes although any car would do… new or old, I don’t care. I present today a set of four decks made by FX Schmid, which belong to the same series, but are very different to each other.

All sets came in plastic “soap” boxes and included 8 families. As we will see some other time, some of these sets were also released in the smallest size with only 6 families instead of 8. The cover card of each set has the instructions on the back.


Die Allerneuesten or “the very newest” present cars that were common in 1986 (the year in which I think this deck was released), and include from small cars (Fiat Uno, Peugeot 205…) to more exclusive cars like the Buick Regal or the BMW M 635 CSI and finishing by the very expensive Porsche 959 and the Rolls Royce Silver Spur 6.7. To my knowledge, the Opel Junior was never produced in series.

“New” is a very broad category, as this deck proves. From this set I like the mixture of promotional and read pictures, and having a view of what was available around 1985.

FERRARI (50045.3)

Ferrari is the carmaker that makes more people dream of their cars worldwide, so making a Ferrari deck seems to be an idea lacking of any risks… I can imagine this set sold very well at the time.

I includes models made between 1959 (Ferrari 500 F2) to 1984, that’s why I date it 1985. The testarossa is not included (probably not designed yet), but there is a nice representation of modern Ferraris (modern in the mid 80s, now “classics”), Formula 1s and race cars. Pictures are not promotional, but made by photographers all over the world, and thus more valuable, because they are the ones you find everywhere else.


Irre Schlitten, is quite difficult to translate, literally means something like “mad carriages”, and is a funny way to call all the prototypes included in this deck. Here there are no cars affordable “for every purse”, since all of them were made in very short numbers or are modifications or special customizations made by artisans also in a very limited number. Most models had a certain fame in the 80s, and appeared in many magazines, most prototype fans would inmediatly recognise at least 80% of all models here. I love from this deck that two cards represent models made in Lichtenstein, and on the top of the card, we see the dark blue and red flag of this small principality in center-Europe. Probably it is the only technical quartett in which we can find this flag.

GRAND PRIX (50169.6)

And finally, this set about Formula 1 with models that ran (mostly) in 1988. What can I say about F1 that I haven’t said before? I just love these quartetts. Some families are not F1s, but Carts (American competition), Formula 3000 and Formula III.

  • Name: DIE ALLERNEUESTEN (50026.2), FERRARI (50045.3), IRRE SCHLITTEN (50057.6) and GRAND PRIX (50169.6)
  • Company: FX Schmid (West Germany)

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