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Monday, October 31, 2016


Comanboys was another Kubrick figure made after the success of Playmobil in Spain (originally called Famobil for their ditributor Famosa). They are not a knock-off because they are more or less three quarters the size, and the design has several diferences. I have four figures, two loose ones and two new in blister.

The figure was invented by José María Verges and patented in February 1978. You can find the patent of this figure including a nice illustration of the “inside” of the figure in the following page:

Today I am presenting two blister packs, which are quite common. I have seen many units of these in the last years, so I guess somebody found a big lot of hundreds of units and is selling everything slowly. I got mine for very little money. The blister packs belong to the two most popular series by the end of life of this toyline: western and space. The Western line was available, at least, since the late 70s, but these blisters are from the late 80s, when the space series came out.

The nice thing about my blisters is that one of then is a factory error and includes the wrong figure. Maybe you noticed it in the first picture. The Western blister should include a cowboy or an indian, but instead it has an astronaut inside. Both astronauts are identical except for the colour of their limbs and helmet and for the red sticker in their chests. The accessories are also different.

The card artwork is very interesting. Both the colours and the main theme with the block letters are very wel chosen. The far-west blistercard has a picture with many figures, including a train, a fort and many figures with and without horses. Really impressive diorama. The back of the far-west card is more boring, with just a few advertising tricks: “very cool!”, “more beautiful”, “smaller, “more movements”, “more accessories”, “funnier”, “to play more and better”, together with the Comansi slogan: “Juguete Completo, Juguete Comansi”.

The back card of the space blister is a picture of a big playset made in cardboard. The diorama, again, is great, and notice the small figures on the ground… that tower must have been very big. Notice also that there were some vehicles and bigger accesories available. Some of the space figures were very inteesting robots in the 70s style... even though they were made already in the 80s.

  • Name: COMANBOYS – EXPERTO DEL FAR-WEST (Ref. 630) and COMANDO DEL ESPACIO (Ref. 810) (although Ref. 630 is a FACTORY ERROR)
  • Toy Line: Comanboys
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: Comansi (Spain)
  • Size of the figures: Approx. 5 cm

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