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Sunday, December 18, 2016


These two figures are quite expensive because belong to the last wave, which was sold in lower numbers than the rest of the figures. In addition to this, Ninjor had many accesories so it is difficult to find it complete.
I took some pictures in the dark, trying to get some strange night effect, but I couldn't. The pictures are quite bad, sorry.
Mosquitor was the "last" figure I got in the 80s, together with Scareglow, so it is one of my favorites and mayeb the one I worry most about. I can remember where my grandparents did buy it for me. While collecting the rest of the figures in the 2000s, I got a second Mosquitor in perfect shape, whitouth that scratch in the eye, however, I kept my old figure and traded the other one. The evil energy-draining insectoid came with one accesory only (a purple gun), but with one of the best action features in the whole toyline. Many collectors agree on this, at least, when I used to participate in message boards, we discussed this many times.
Ninjor came with a cloth jacket (including the head part and the belt), a sword, a bow and a nunchuck, and despite having the classic body cast, the jacket somehow hides it and makes the figure more attractive. The action feature is the same from Fisto and Jitsu, only with a "normal" arm, intended to be used with the sword or the nunchuck. The evil Ninja Warrior is one of the last figures I got. In 1987 there was still a great interest on ninjas, mostly in ninjaxplotation movies. This interest would last until the first 90s in Spain. 

  • Name: MOSQUITOR (Ref. 1191) and NINJOR (Ref. 3069)
  • Toy Line: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Wave 6)
  • Year: 1987
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 14 cm

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