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Thursday, January 5, 2017

#762 MANURBA-PLASTIK - PORSCHE 912 (Ref. 10/9) (Around 1971)


I have a few interesting toys that I have been collecting over the years from which I know nothing at all. They cannot be identified since they have no manufacture marking. Despite searching the internet, I couldn´t find anything about them, so I changed my mind, and thought it may be better if I publish them now, and people reading this could help me identifying them.

There will be 11 toys (all 11 entries from January 2017), but I warn you: it is not an easy task to identify them. Are you ready for this challenge?

If I get hints and information, I´ll be updating the posts to add information about them. Thanks!
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Thanks to Andreas (see comment below) for identifying these cars as Manurba-Plastik, a German manufacturer of novelty toys based in Bamberg. The name of the company comes from its founder Manfred Urban. Among other toys, the company produced cars in several scales, plastic figures, boats, trains, kitchen sets, trumpets and pistols. The packaging was usually a plastik bag with a folded cardboard closing it. Some of those small pieces of artwork were specially nicely done in the style of the 60s and early 70s with beautiful drawings
These two small cars are two Porsche 912 made in Germany. They are made of plastic and came in several colours, although the base plate is always black.
The base only shows the previously mentioned "Made in West Germany" together with some kind of "V".
They are slightly smaller than the classic 3 inches (1:64) and have no interior and black windows.
Additional Information: Bought in a flea market in Austria, there were several of this available in different colours, green, dark green... I took only two.

With the information provided by our reader, we could also find this picture, where a dark blue Porsche 912 can be seen, although this is still dfferent frm me. It has white base.

Pic fom 1968's "Das Spielzeug : das internationale Fachmagazin der Spielwarenbranche"
diepuppenstubensammlerin in flicker

Here is another picture from 1971 (taken from the internet) that show the exact same cars that I own.

Pic: De (
And thanks to this picture I have discovered another unidentified toy I have...
  • Name: PORSCHE 912 (Ref. 10/9)
  • Scale: Around 1:64
  • Year: Around  1971
  • Company: Manurba-Plastik (West Germany)
  • Size: approx. 5 cm


  1. I guess I found out who made these Porsches: They are from a company called Manurba (short for Manfred Urban) which existed until the 1970s. There's a good number of these for sale on German ebay, even in original packaging.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Ha-ha...and there's my hideous, giant, white, blow-moulded, poodle-dog!



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