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I have a few interesting toys that I have been collecting over the years from which I know nothing at all. They cannot be identified since they have no manufacture marking. Despite searching the internet, I couldn´t find anything about them, so I changed my mind, and thought it may be better if I publish them now, and people reading this could help me identifying them.

There will be 11 toys (all 11 entries from January 2017), but I warn you: it is not an easy task to identify them. Are you ready for this challenge?

If I get hints and information, I´ll be updating the posts to add information about them. Thanks!
If you like the challenge, there are other toys in this blog waiting to be identified, click here to see all unidentified toys.
This car is completely unmarked, but my guess is that it was probably made in China.
The cast does not represent any known F1, but the stickers clearly says Ferrari.
I first thought it may be a Holly/Rindei/Polistil model, since it has the same size/scale, pull-back motor and similar construction (chromed motor part), but still has some differences. It has lower overall quality, the front wheels are made of har plastic (worst grip) and the stickers are also worse than the ones used by Holly.
No matter what, a Ferrari is always a Ferrari, and despite being some kind of unidentified bootleg, it is still charming and looks good.
  • Name: FERRARI F1
  • Scale: Around 1:43
  • Year: Around  1990
  • Company: Unknown Manufacturer (Unknown Country of Origin)
  • Size: approx. 8 cm

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