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Thursday, March 9, 2017

#785 CHIQUIVAL - CHIQUI-PESCADOR y CHIQUI-POLICIA (Ref. 577 and 584) (1983)

Here are two more Chiquival vehicles: the Sheriff´s Jeep and the fishing boat. As usual, both came in the nice "match box" with beautiful pictures on both sides.

The vehicles are 3 inches long and what we would call today "superdeformed", or maybe not "super", but only "deformed". They are specifically designed to fit one figure inside, so only certain models are suitable: cars are always cabrios, F1s or jeeps, truck come without roof...

I chose these two models because the figures that came with them are somehow hard to find complete. Note that the Sheriff comes with a very very small walkie-talkie and the fisherman comes with a long and fragile fishing rod (and that Spanis flag is really fragile), so tho have these references complete, you have to buy them new in box.


You can see other Chiquival in this previous entry #467.

Note the alternative design of the box in that entry. One of them is probably older than the other, and I tend to think that the small box was the original design, that was later replaced by a bigger one.

Note the lowest reference number, and the "less modern" text font in the front of the small box and no logo... theywould have used it, ifthey had had it at the time, it is a nice one!.

I would say the the references in small boxes seem to be somehow rarer than the ones in big boxes, although this is only an impression.

  • Name: CHIQUI-PESCADOR y CHIQUI-POLICIA (Ref. 577 and 584)
  • Toy Line: Chiquival
  • Year: 1983
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size of the figures: Aprox. 4,5 cm

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