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Tuesday, April 18, 2017



This is an interesting Masters of the Universe bootleg (for me, all MotU bootlegs are interesting!) based in a cast which we already know from other toylines, but with remarkable differences and singularities that we will check in this entry today.

The name of the toyline is "Galaxy Robots", and as far as I could find on the internet, there are only two pictures in Google Images that show the exact figure that I own. No other (different) figure with the same card has been spotted so far. One of the pictures belongs to an eBay auction that ended without a buyer (150 Euro, although it was relisted and retired, so the seller probably got an offer outside eBay) and the second one is a picture of a collection of X-Changers with this blistercard in the back.

The character that is depicted in the card is somehow different from the one that actual figure, maybe there were more figures made? Note that the guy seems to have no clothes below the armour and that the helmet and chest armour look somewhat different. It is a mistery if there are more figures from the same series somewhere out there.

The figure is a bootleg of a Sungold toyline called “Lazer Force” (not to be mistaken with Lanard’s 3.75’’ Lazer Force), a toyline whose main feature was the use of LEDs in weapons and armour parts. The figures I could find of Lazer Force are similar to mine, only with knee and elbow articulations. To my knowledge there are at least two Sungold figure casts, but several variants of each figure.

This figure also comes with several armour parts, as you can see in the picture (it could actually be mistaken with an X-Changers). The armour parts are: an oversized helmet (that makes the figure look a bit odd when carded, I don´t know how does it look like when the helmet is not on), a chest harness/armour, thight and leg armours (2 parts each leg) and arm armours. Additionally, there is a big part on the lower left corner, that could actuall be a backpack, or some kind of briefcase.

Of course I am not willing to open the blister to find it out, this small treasure must remain in its original box.

I also found that the rare (and long forgotten) wave of the Turly Gang also had at least three figures that came with these same accessories, as you can read in the Knock-off collector blog.

The toy is made in China but was imported to Spain probably in the late 80s. This is the kind of toy found in popular events like fairs, and sold by street vendors in their caravans. These toys were mostly low quality items that were opened immediately and destroyed in a few days while playing.

This figure seem to be rare, so it was probably a very short number of items that were imported to Spain. By the way, the other two blisterpacks seem to have the same sticker in the upper left corner than mine.

The back of the card is plain, has no text or images at all.

  • Name: GALAXY ROBOTS (No. 8836)
  • Year: Around 1988
  • Company: Unknown Manufacturer (China)
  • Size of the figures: Around 16 cm

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