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Sunday, May 7, 2017

#807 FX SCHMID – GARFIELD and BIENE MAJA (No. 54046.6 and No. 55022) (1978 and 1976)

These two card sets are slightly older than the previous two. I have to say, that the years I have given are taken from the copyright, which can be misleading. They might be actually much more modern than that.

In this entry, I want to show the Garfield and the Biene Maja decks. These two characters are still very popular, the first one is still being reproduced in many newspapers and publications worldwide and Biene Maja was produced again just 2 year ago or so in 3D.

Garfield (No.54046.6) 1978

Note that the Garfield quartett includes a cover card and a second card that goes on top of the cover that could be missing in many decks out there. Watch out if you are interested in buying one of these.

Biene Maja (No.55022) 1976

  • Name: GARFIELD and BIENE MAJA (No. 54046.6 and No. 55022)
  • Year: 1978 and 1976
  • Company: FX Schmid (West Germany)


  1. yes thats a modern version of Garfield. In 1978 he looked nothing like that.I have noticed that everything with Garfield shows a copyright date of 1978 , though the version of him on the cards is the late 1980's version of him.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, maybe it was a bad idea to use copyright year for dating the decks, but it is really difficult to find information about release dates for this kind of toys. I would say, this two are probably from 1986 or 1987...


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