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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#825 BERLINER – TOLLE AUTOS (Around 1983)

I haven´t seen many Berliner decks. Where I live they are rather rare, I guess in Berlin and in Germany in general they may be more common. The thing is that when I saw this deck, I bought it. Normally I wouldn´t have bought it, since it has no box, and one of the cards is painted on the back, but considering the cars topic, the year in which it was made, it´s small size and that it is rare to see, I bought it. It was cheap, no worry.

There are many quartett decks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the name “Tolle Autos”, which translates somewhat like “Cool Cars”. It does not say much about the kind of cars that you will find in the cards, because “toll” as “cool” is a very subjective thing.

The 24 cards show a mixture of sports and other we may consider as luxury limos or more common berlinas. Interestingly, the Rolls Royce Camargue on the cover card is not present on any of the cards of the game.

The back of the card is the same for all 24 cards, and shows a series of circles to play Go-Bang, which is a game in which two players have to mark the circles and get 5 in a row. It is curious that Berliner used this design, since if it was ever used, this may spoil the card game, as it actually happened with mine. Maybe this may rise the current value of one of these sets, considering many were spoiled and less remained in good conditions until today.

I haven’t seen this quartett anywhere else, so I could not find any information about the deck. I guess it has to be made around 1983, but just because of the cars that appear in the pictures, I didn’t actually check the release years of every car depicted, but it was probably around that year.

  • Year: Around 1983
  • Company: Berliner (West Germany)

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