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Thursday, September 21, 2017


The DeTomaso Mangusta is another example of Nacoral´s Intercars series. The 1:43 model is well casted, but still inferior to Corgi Toys, Polistil or even Pilen models in the same scale.

It has the same problem than many other Intercars, and it that the plastic compound used for the hubs degradates and the wheels do not look nice anymore. There was a previous wheel model in metal and rubber tyre that does not present thei problem, as well as a later "superfast" type wheel (1 piece, in hard plastic) that also looks good almost 50 years later, but, of course, esthetically is not comparable to the first version. This second wheel type looked great originally, depending on your personal taste, even better than the first metal and rubber model, but they unfortunately have this flaw. Some old Guisvals also had this problem, and the wheels, when in touch with the plastic box, they tend to glue and merge with the box.

Despite this small flaw, I decided to buy it because it came in its original box, and this is always a plus. The box is a rather classic cardboard box with window and long back flap. The colours used are orange and blue, similar to the orange and green used in the Chiqui-Cars. The box has not a very aleborated design, and has no pictures or artwork, just letters and logos. The inside is interesting, since the name of the car is printed in the upper side of the window.

  • Name: DETOMASO MANGUSTA (Ref. 106)
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Year: 1971
  • Company: Nacoral (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 10 cm


  1. Great find.
    As you talk about the problem with the tyres, do you know if it was a problem with the material they were made with? or is it just due to the heat/temperature (IE: the cars being placed in shop windows, near hot appliances etc.. & the tyres melting)

    1. Hi Steve, Many thanks for your comments!
      It is difficult to say, I guess it is both, but more the material than the storage conditions. There is virtually no Nacoral or no Guisval F1 from the late 60s that does not present the problem. It would be nice to have some replacement wheels, so the cars look good again.


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