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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#863 CORGI CUBS - JEEP (Nr. 501) (1977)

The Corgi Cubs were cars in the classic 1:43 scale size made with very few details, plain colours and simple and robust construction (no windows, plastic base, durable axles…)

The construction also reveals that Corgi was trying to produce these models as cheaply as possible, and so, the way the axles are attached to the chassis is cheap and kind of new. In the base there is some indication about a patent that has been applied and many collectors think this patent may refer to the way that the axles are attached to the plastic base.

They are based in very generic designs that do not depict any known (real) model. There are many different types of vehicles: trucks, lorries, vans, cars, helicopters, sport cars, race cars, hatchbacks and also the Jeep (ATV) shown in this entry. After all, small children rarely interest themselves for the real cars their toys represent, they want to have different types at early ages. Later things change.

And because things change, adults collectors do not like this series. Being “fantasy” cars has made that most collector do not even consider these toys. They just focus on the other Corgi series.

The Cubs models are actually rare, they were only sold during +/- 2 years, and then they disappeared. Probably they didn’t sold very well, and they were withdrawn from the catalogue. Despite being rare, they can be bought for very little money.

I am happy with my Jeep, I don’t think I would buy any other model from the series.

  • Name: JEEP (Nr. 501)
  • Scale: Around 1:43
  • Year: 1977
  • Company: Corgi Toys (United Kingdom)
  • Size: 9.5 cm

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